Staying Hydrated & Glowing All Summer

Summer is here, with travel restrictions easing and days getting longer - it is the time for vacations, bathing suits, socializing, and simply enjoying the weather. Whatever it is you have planned for the summer, you want to put your best face forward, with radiant and glowing skin all over. 

Taking a holistic and all-natural approach to beauty, all of Oil Divine's products are made exclusively with premium botanical oils. Not only do we believe in the power of all-natural ingredients, but we also believe that beauty starts from within. Here are our top tips for staying hydrated & glowing all summer & beyond. 

Why Is Hydration Important?

We all know that water/hydration is essential to survival, but did you know that hydration also has a significant impact on our health, bodily functions, mood, as well as skin conditions? 

  • Digestion; Sans proper hydration, our body cannot efficiently eliminate toxins and waste, which could lead to digestive issues such as gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation, and even kidney stones. 
  • Brain Cognition; The human brain comprises 73% water, making hydration vital to brain cognitive functions. Lack of proper hydration impairs brain function and cognition and increases the risk of migraines and headaches. 
  • Skin; Being the largest organ, our skin also reflects our health and hydration levels. Hydration is the key to plump and healthy skin, affecting the texture and appearance of the skin. Lack of hydration can present itself in the skin - wrinkles, dullness, blackheads, and even breakouts. Whereas properly hydrated skin is clear, soft, and smooth, products perform better, and makeup stays put longer on hydrated skin.

Staying Hydrated: Lifestyle Edition 

Rather than just drinking water to improve your hydration levels, take our tips on how to make conscious, good lifestyle habits to stay hydrated and healthy. 

  • Avoid Caffeine Overdose: A natural diuretic, coffee can dehydrate the digestive system and your body. If you are a caffeine addict, be sure to drink enough water to compensate or opt for decaf versions of your favorite drinks. 
  • Add Fiber: Fiber-rich food is not only great for weight loss but also great for improving water absorption. Omega-3 and fiber-rich chia seeds are great for hydration; they absorb and hold up to 30X their weight in water, making them essential in achieving healthy skin and solving digestive issues like constipation.
  • Eat Your Water: Like us, fruits and veggies are also composed mainly of water - another way to get an extra boost of hydration is to consume fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, and many more fresh fruits and veggies are perfect for incorporating into your summer diet. 

    Staying Hydrated: Beauty Edition

    Hydration from within is as important as topical hydration. Proper hydration can also be achieved topically by incorporating the following habits into your routine to keep your skin hydrated: 

    • Use a gentle cleanser: Opt for a soap-free, detergent-free cleanser that does not disrupt skin's balance but removes makeup, debris, and daily pollutants and gently exfoliates. Try Moisturizing Cleansing Oil as the first step of a double cleansing ritual. Non-detergent cleanser formulated with all-natural botanical oils gentle enough for even sensitive and acne-prone skin. Wipe waterproof sunscreen, debris, and makeup immediately without stripping and disrupting the skin’s natural balance. Have oily or combination skin? Get insight on how you will benefit from oil cleansing here. Follow this with the AM & PM Face Oils or Dark Spot Corrector to address your skin concerns. Hydrate lips with the all-natural Lip Retreat Oil.
    • Apply your products immediately after a shower/washing - After a day of slathering on sunscreen, water sports, and sun exposure, it is essential to hydrate your skin after cleansing deeply. Products are best absorbed by damp and warm skin, fresh out of a bath or shower, as the skin is porous to truly drink up all the ingredients. For optimal body hydration, drench your skin in the naturally aromatic jasmine-neroli Body Oil, a blend of over 24 botanical oils encased in a highly recyclable glass bottle for a super dose of hydration and revitalization.  
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