Clean Commitment

Oil Divine’s Clean is not just a claim; we clearly define clean beauty because we walk the walk. Vastly different from “clean” beauty brands and products that use mass-market ingredients, useless fillers, and chemical preservatives but are advertised as clean beauty, all of Oil Divine’s products are 16-free and made of tested and potent natural plant extracts; every ingredient is of premium quality and ethically sourced from reputable suppliers. It is no wonder that we already have the highest rating from the Good Face Project.

We know exactly what magical oil elixirs are in every Oil Divine product because you care about what you put onto your face, body, and hair daily. We also know that you care about your carbon footprint. Like you, we also care about the environment and believe we are responsible for being kind to our planet. That is why all our products come in premium yet eco-friendly glass, metal, and carton packaging - striving for sustainability, yet mindful of functionality and aesthetics.

We Pride Ourselves In:

Being 16-free - our ingredients list are all premium, plant-based oils, and we do have a long list of banned ingredients.


Having documentation on our ingredients - each batch comes with CoA, SDS, and Organic Certificate.


Being vegan and cruelty-free - all products are made for real people and tested on real people for basic consumer safety and product stability. Never on animals.


Minimizing the use of plastic - we use natural and highly recyclable materials whenever it's possible. Glass is our go-to. We only use carton boxes and papercraft protection for shipping, which is widely reusable and recyclable.


We are making our products in the USA - in small batches at our Pennsylvanian facility. No outsourcing, no shortcuts. We control the entire process, from the formula creation to the shipping to our clients. All products are always fresh and stay at the warehouse no longer than two weeks before being sent to our customers, retailers, or spas.


Delivering noticeable results - did you know that the US government does not currently require beauty brands to back up their product and ingredients claims? We take the initiative to ensure that our science-backed products live up to their claims.


Transparent and easy-to-read ingredients list - many products out there have an extensive ingredients list filled with words one can hardly pronounce and require help to decipher what each one is. We have skipped the Latin and INCI and labeled each product with easy-to-read conventional names for our ingredients. Instead, each bottle is filled with results-driven, ethically sourced premium plant-based oils sourced from over 60 countries - targeted solutions and remarkable results.