Decoding the Ingredients List

Whether you are buying a drugstore moisturizer or a $300 face serum from a department store, the first & final thing you should consider before purchasing it is the ingredients list. As important as the marketing claims on the packaging and reviews by your favorite beauty influencer or magazine seem, reading and understanding the ingredients is truly important. 

It is important reason to read the ingredients list is to ensure that the product actually does what it claims to do and is what it claims to be. Unlike prescription medication, beauty and skincare are not heavily regulated, and claims such as "all-natural", "clean", and "organic", etc do not always hold true once you have read the ingredients list. 

Deciphering 101 

The Order of Ingredients

Ingredients are generally listed from highest to lowest concentration, it means that if Holy Basil extract and Argan oils are listed and advertised as the active ingredients "but tucked away somewhere in the middle or towards the end of a long ingredients list, you are not getting much benefit from those ingredients," explained Dr. Rachel Nazarian.  

Look Out for Potential Interactions

As women, we are often enticed by the numerous marketing and advertising claims that products have and end up with bottle after bottle of products on ur vanities. A oil serum for anti-aging benefits, a retinol cream for anti-aging and radiance, a vitamin c gel-cream for brightening.

While there is nothing wrong with that, it is crucial to identify which product goes on first and what products should not be mixed together. For example, vitamin C and retinol are temperamental ingredients that do not mix well together when layered.

Our AM & PM Face Oils were actually created to simplify your beauty routine and travel packing without compromising on giving you remarkable results. Additionally, you will not have to be too concerned about potential negative interactions as every product by Oil Divine is formulated with premium quality botanical oils. With our AM & PM Face Oils, you'd be able to tell us all about you and your skin for us to formulate a morning and night time serum that effectively address all of your concerns to let you achieve your best skin. 

Look Out for Toxic Ingredients

Many brands use International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) names - uniform, systematic names internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients. These names are scientific and often Latin-derived, but not to be confused with toxic, lab-made chemical ingredients. 

While many products claim to be organic or natural, it is still important to glance over the ingredients list to be sure. Due to the beauty industry being loosely regulated, ingredients that pose serious health risks such as birth defects, cancer, neurotoxicity, and hormone disruptions are banned in EU countries and are still used here. 


We hope that you enjoyed reading this post that we at Oil Divine wrote, in our invisible capes to protect you from harmful toxins and choose the most optimal and effective clean beauty products that are good for you and the environment.

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