Slim & Tone: The Power of Lymphatic Drainage

Ever woken up from a weekend of indulging in pasta, sweets, and maybe a cocktail or two and looked in the mirror and thought, "God, my face is so puffy!" If you are into fitness and self-care, I am sure you have seen a thumbnail or two on your Instagram Explore page of someone wielding a giant wooden brush or a body brush. 

Oil Divine's introduction to at-home lymphatic drainage all started when we curiously clicked on a video by pilates and lifestyle mama Melissa Wood Health. The slim and toned mother of two regularly fills our feed with her mindful and vibrant lifestyle - from her green juices to her sleek style and clean makeup routine to adorable moments of her two kids. 

Aside from her "do it anywhere, anytime" workout videos and a plant-based diet, her giant wooden paddle is another key ingredient to her enviably toned physique. Today, we are giving you the lowdown on lymphatic drainage - the magical de-puffing treatment that also has its place in medicine. 

What is Lymphatic Drainage? 

Lymphatic drainage is often synonymous with lymphatic drainage massage, it involves gentle manual manipulations of specific areas of your body to release lymphatic fluids to your tissues and then move them to your lymph nodes and through vessels to relieve and reduce swelling. 

Unlike our cardiovascular system, where the heart pumps blood throughout our body, our lymphatic system is part of self-governing and relies primarily on our body's muscle movements to maintain its fluidity in movement. 

It is also used to relieve painful swelling in the arms and legs caused by lymphedema, which is when your tissues retain fluid left behind once your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissues. It is a condition that affects people recovering from breast cancer surgery and other health-related issues where something disrupts the lymphatic system.  

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

A rather simple massage, lymphatic drainage has extensive benefits both aesthetically for the appearance of your body and also for health benefits. A lymphatic drainage massage: 

Lymphatic Drainage at Home

Now that we know the endless health and beauty benefits of lymphatic drainage, you are probably wondering where to go for this treatment. With its increasing popularity, there are plenty of places that offer lymphatic drainage and it can be safely done at home. Whether it is with a wooden paddle, a metal scraping tool, or with your hands, using an oil-based product topically eases the gliding movements and prevents any injuries. Our Revitalizing Body Oil is an aromatic body treatment on its own, but it is also a great oil to use for your at-home lymphatic drainage session. 

Here is a lymph drainage map at Oil Divine cooked up for a comprehensive guide on which direction and nodes to target for optimal benefits. 

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