Our Team's Ultimate Skincare Secrets & Must-Have Products

Our Team's Ultimate Skincare Secrets & Must-Have Products

At Oil Divine, our commitment to skincare isn't just about the products we offer; it's a way of life. We believe in harnessing the power of nature to achieve radiant, healthy skin. In this blog, we're pulling back the curtain on our team's wellness routines, as we wanted to share our favorite products, must-have products, hacks, and rituals that keep our skin glowing day in and day out. I've interviewed few of my colleagues last week in our office and these are their daily beauty routines: 

Meet Snezhana (The Founder):

After my morning run, I love to come home and splash my face with cold water, following up with a mineral-rich Himalayan Salt roller to ease tension and relax my facial muscles. Once the salt is absorbed into my skin, I move on with the True Botanicals Chebula Active Serum, a powerhouse product that smooths roughness and promotes an even skin tone. Of course I wrap up my morning routine with some of my favorite skin-loving Oil Divine natural facial oils. I first start off with our 24k gold Rejuvenating Eye Serum. I love how the gold roller has significantly enhanced my blood circulation and increased product absorption. I then follow-up with our newest release, The Bakuchiol Oil, my favorite natural retinol alternative that leaves my skin glowing and feeling healthier. And of course, I finish off my routine with a 5 minute facial massage before heading out to my office.

At night, I begin my routine with our deeply moisturizing Cleansing Oil, rich in nutrient-rich essential oils that leave my skin feeling buttery soft. I then reapply our 24k gold Rejuvenating Eye Serum and The Bakuchiol Oil before bed. This time, rather than using my roller, I love to finish off my night with my 5 minute Gua Sha routine. It’s a form of meditation that prepares me for a restful slumber.

Some nights when my skin is super dry and craving optimal hydration, as an added bonus, the True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask is currently one of my favorites as we transition into the Spring season.

Meet Mirlinda (Creative Director):

Struggling with sleep issues almost all my life, made me research so much for every natural wellness product that can help make my muscles restless and calm my mind. When I first started working with Oil Divine, I couldn't wait to try all the formulas that Snezhana had in mind. Being a skincare maniac, I found such products made from essential and carrier oils, such an addition in my routine, knowing that their benefits would also help my mind and body relax more. And today I'm happy to say that they've changed my life! Now that we have expanded our skin and body care lines, and also added so many curated brands and unique products selections in our store, my self-care routine consists more steps and my skin, body & mind never felt more healthier.

I like to start my morning with a cold shower, and a half bottle of floral infused water. My current favorite water bottle is the Paradise Double Wall Glass Bottle. It's the ideal bottle for flower infusion, teas and fruits. Because I work remotely, I spend most of my time chasing warm climates so I like to oil my body immediately after shower so my skin doesn't get dry. I massage my skin with the Jasmine Revitalizing Body Oil usually in the morning and then after shower in the evening as well. It's a miracle in a bottle with all those healthy ingredients. All my friends say that my skin always looks so young and glowing, and it's all thanks to this amazing body oil. Its aroma of the essential and carrier oils blend, helps to keep my mind calm and relaxed all day long. 

I have acne-prone skin, so I struggled a lot with trying face serums that won't break me out. I focus a lot on hydrating my skin as much as I can, so I always start my skincare steps with a spray of toner or mist. My favorite one is the Renew Nutrient Mist as it hydrates but also has anti-aging properties and anti-oxidant benefits. After my skin absorbs it, I massage my face with the 24k gold facial roller of Acne-Prone Skin Oil. Beside of keeping my skin young and boosting elasticity, it also helps my acne heal and prevent from happening. And last but not least, I'm finally enjoying the benefits of trying "retinol" without my skin irritating, burning or breaking out. The Bakuchiol Oil is the perfect natural retinol alternative to people who want to stick to natural ingredients as me and enjoy longer results without the fear of damaging their skin. 

In the evening, I love to wash my body with the Lavender Lotus Blossom Soap, as it calms my muscles and relaxes me for bed. I follow up with the daily routine of using again the Jasmine Revitalizing Body Oil to massage my body. It has been months now that I practice face yoga before bed and my skin has never been healthier. I apply The Bakuchiol Oil again and massage my face for at least 4-5min. If you are not familiar with this face massage practice yet, make sure to follow our account on IG and you'll find many videos and tutorials to help you with that. 

I light a candle, put a diffuser oil in my diffuser and my room feels like heaven. I use different candles and diffuser oils every week so make sure to check them all here and find your favorite. And if you read this carefully, you already know that I have sleep issues, so of course I like to enjoy my Magnesium before bed. I'm a fan of mushrooms like Reishi, so I was surprised to find such a lovely product as the Nightcap Mushroom Chocolates. It's a delicious blend of Magnesium, Reishi, L-theanine, Dark-Chocolate & Chamomile. It helps me feel very relaxed and fall in love with my bed.

Meet Alanis (Marketing Manager):

My skin has been loving the Leland Francis Black Rose Cleansing Gel in the mornings! The Shea and Cocoa Butter in this gel cleanser makes my skin feel like butter and I love that the Activated Charcoal detoxifies my skin after tossing and turning on my pillow all night. I follow up with my morning holy grail product, Oil Divine’s Dark Spot Corrector with 15% Vitamin C. I love how Papaya, Lemon and Turmeric Oil in this formula gives my skin the most radiant appearance. And of course, I never forget my sunscreen! True Botanicals Skin Barrier Sun Shield is my absolute go-to, (I even put it on my hands) before I head over to the office!

At night, I like to start of by double-cleansing to wash away all of my impurities.
My most loved oil-based cleanser is Oil Divine’s Cleansing Oil. It’s been especially helpful in bidding farewell to blackheads and sebaceous filaments, I seriously can’t live without it. Following my oil cleanser, I use the Black Rose Cleansing Gel again and glide on a layer of the True Botanicals Repair Nightly Treatment to infuse my skin with repairing peptides and hydrating ceramides before moisturizing with the breathable True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream.

The Rejuvenate Rose Face Mask is a clay treatment I love to incorporate into my routine when my skin is in need of more love and care. It works effectively to shed dead skin cells, refine pores and even my skin tone and texture!

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