Oil Divine Presents: Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Susan Wade's "Distinctions of Imperfections"

Oil Divine Presents: Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Susan Wade's "Distinctions of Imperfections"

At Oil Divine, we hold the belief that true beauty originates from within. When the internal aspects of your body are in balance, your external well-being can truly thrive. We encourage our community of skincare enthusiasts to maintain a curious spirit and to continue exploring the emerging realm of clean skincare. It is essential to understand the impact of toxins in your skincare routine and to challenge your favorite brands to formulate products that contribute to your holistic well-being. 

Oil Divine is honored to have been featured in Susan Wade's book, "Distinctions of Imperfections: An Essential Guide to Discovering Your Most Beautiful & Natural Skin, From The Inside Out." We are genuinely excited to witness women like Susan Wade challenging the beauty industry and advocating for cleaner, more sustainable beauty practices.

In Wade’s release, she explores the symbiotic relationship between internal well-being and external beauty. She shares her knowledge on how to make informed decisions about your natural skin and health journey and how to avoid fads in the beauty industry. 

About the Author: Susan Wade

Susan Wade, based in Tampa, Florida, is an esteemed Functional Medicine Practitioner, Esthetician, and Precision Nutrition Certified personal trainer. With over 40 years of combined experience in health, education, and skincare, Wade is a pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry. Formerly a Kinesiology Instructor and owner of a sports training business, her exploration into skincare originated from a personal mission to unravel the connections between gut health, stress, skin, and overall well-being. Wade’s passion for educating individuals to make informed choices about their health aligns seamlessly with Oil Divine's commitment to authentic beauty and well-being.

About the Book: Distinctions of Imperfections

Contemporary culture often disseminates distorted and unreal images, attempting to convince us that beauty revolves around achieving a flawless appearance at any age. Beauty brands employ marketing strategies that promote flawless, youthful beauty, often neglecting guidance on attaining and sustaining natural beauty.

"Distinctions of Imperfections'' serves as a comprehensive guide for those seeking genuine, sustainable beauty practices. In her book, Wade delves into the connection between skin and gut health and the harmful influence of toxins on our overall well-being. Within its pages, she challenges conventional beauty norms and empowers readers to embrace their natural beauty. 

Why We Support "Distinctions of Imperfections"

At Oil Divine, we believe in holistic clean beauty that goes beyond external applications. Susan Wade's expertise and insightful writing align seamlessly with Oil Divine’s mission, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the body from within for pinnacle skin health. Her insights have proven invaluable to professionals in the beauty industry, reflecting the depth and credibility of her work.

We are excited to announce that "Distinctions of Imperfections" will be available in our retail location in Newtown, PA, as well as on our website in December 2023. Join us in celebrating Susan Wade's commitment to authentic beauty and her dedication to providing readers with the tools to regain control over their health.

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