Ingredients Spotlight: German Chamomile Essential Oil

German Chamomile Essential Oil is the essence of a chamomile plant, Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla. Often distilled from the bud of the plants, it also also known as Blue Chamomile Essential Oil thanks to its midnight blue color. The dark blue tint is a result of a reaction that occurs during the steam distillation process where chamazulene is formed from matricin present in the plant. 

The same way that chamomile tea is associated with relaxation and restfulness, skin and wellness benefits of the German Chamomile Oil all ties back to its highly anti-inflammatory and calming effects on the mind and skin. 

Benefits of German Chamomile Essential Oil

Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is the body’s natural defense system, it activates to allow the body to return to normal. But when it comes to skin, inflammation can trigger redness, uneven tone, peaky pimples and even stubborn breakouts. German Chamomile Oil has an intense anti-inflammatory effect which does wonders for inflamed skin and thus boost skin radiance. 

Antioxidant: “Oxidation” refers to the reaction that produces free radicals, notorious for damaging cells in your body. When it comes to skin, free radicals essentially destroy health cell membranes leaving skin vulnerable to aging and damage. German Chamomile Oil inhabits the formation and spread of free radicals to keep skin healthy. 

Antibiotic: Antibiotics kill bacterias - good and bad. But the cool thing about German Chamomile Oil is that the antibacterial compounds protects skin against harmful bacterias. 

Cytotoxic: A rather robust word that refers to anything that can be “toxic to living cells”. German Chamomile Oil is said to have cytotoxic effects on abnormal cells, study shows that a bioactive constituent of Chamomile known as apigenin is actually effective at fighting skin cancer. 

Calming & Anxiety Reducing: The most notable benefit of Chamomile Oil pertains to the nervous system, its calming compounds has an emotional trigger that help to reduce anxiety, stress and boost mood. 

Animal studies have also shown that not only does low doses of the oil reduce anxiety, higher doses help sleep. 

German Chamomile x Oil Divine 

Oil Divine is all about harnessing the boundless benefits of mother nature & value the calming & soothing properties that this deep blue hued oil offer. It is sometimes used in formulating the PM Face Oil, a made to order face serum for the evening time with an unique formula for each person because why shouldn't your serum be made just for you? 

Oil Divine is also launching a line of Aroma Rollers with one formulation to help you get a good night's rest where the soothing aroma of German Chamomile Oil plays a vital role. Stay tuned by following us on Instagram for the launch date. 


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