How to Set Your Meditation Space

How to Set Your Meditation Space

World’s Meditation Day is coming very soon and in honor of the National Women’s Health Week, we want to encourage you even more to begin appreciating Meditation and mindful practices as a priority routine in your life. 

Today, we’ll talk about how to set your space for meditation. The act of meditating comes with so many benefits: it can reduce stress and anxiety, keeps you calm, improves focus and productivity, helps you deal with emotions and feelings, and is a grounding exercise that allows you to reconnect with yourself.

While all of this sounds amazing and potentially life-changing, incorporating meditation into your daily routine is slightly daunting — specially if you’re someone who has a hard time focusing or staying still. As with anything new, it takes consistency to build a habit, but starting small can help. Instead of trying to tackle a 20-min meditation sesh right at the onset, put aside 5 or 10 minutes daily to meditate. Gradually increase or decrease that duration based on what works for you and your schedule.

Here are some of our tips for how you can create a sacred meditation space that is dreamy and peaceful, and will actually make you want to practice it daily:

1. Choose with care. Choose a special spot in your space or home. Treat it with care. Consider a big window and good natural lighting.

2. Keep your space simple except for the few items that help you meditate. Some basics that will help with your practice are a mat, a meditation pillow, maybe a rug. You want to be comfortable, not busy. Choose a peaceful color scheme — you don’t want busy prints and patterns to distract you and make you feel restless.

3. Personalize it with sacred items to help you connect with your inner goddess. A meaningful book, a special cushion, cards or music you want to listen to.

4. Add something for all senses: Sight- calming art or plant, Smell- candle, diffuser, Sound- music, Touch- mat, cushion, Taste- glass of water or warming cup of tea.

Finally add a touch of nature. It’s great to have something from nature as part of your meditation zone, as that adds balance to your space. 

Get ready for this Sunday to celebrate with us World's Meditation Day.
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