Help Maui Healers

Help Maui Healers

On August 8th, 2023 the Maui fires caused unprecedented death and destruction to the region and is considered one of the deadliest US wildfires in a century.
Spa ohana have reported more than 80+ affected members; we received personal outreach and accounts of displacement of spa managers, and therapists in the area.

In order to assist the Maui spa & wellness community who were directly affected by this tragedy, we have chosen to support the Hi-Spa Relief for Spa Workers Fund. We're donating 50% of our sales up to $10,000 until August 31.

These proceeds will go directly to the people we love and cherish and have dedicated their lives to wellness. This money is not to help spa business owners or resort property owners - 100% of funds raised will go to aid Spa and Wellness Workers directly affected by the fires. ALL funds collected, with zero deductions for maintenance or management fees, will be distributed. Spa and Wellness Workers are healers who have dedicated their lives to using their hands and hearts to heal and care for others. Today the healers are in need of your care.

We deeply appreciate your generous support, prayers and intentions during this time.

Link for the organized fundraiser and direct donations.

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