Fingernails Fungus Treatment

The first time I had my nails done was during my sister’s wedding in September. I did ombre acrylics and it was so beautiful. However, it never came off even after a month and I wondered why. When it finally came off, my nails were damaged. I needed to do something about my damaged nails so I tried Oil Divine Nail Fungus and it totally changed my nails within two weeks of usage. 

Fungus infections are a common effect of acrylic nails. This is caused because of the moisture that is trapped between the acrylic nails and your nails. Even though this type of infection can be treated, it should be prevented in the first place. Sometimes it gets so serious that you would have to take prescribed antifungal medications to cure it. 

Symptoms of Fingernails Fungus

  • Bad odor from the nail; The fungus leads to the nails having a very bad odor due to the moisture and dirt underneath the nail.
  • Redness; When it becomes extreme, the nail starts to become red.
  • Itchiness and discomfort; You will always find yourself trying to scratch underneath the nail because of the moisture.
  • Pain and soreness; The nail is not firm anymore so it begins to lift up causing pain.
  • Yellow or white discoloration of the nails; At the beginning, there will be only a tiny portion of discoloration but will increase without treatment.

However, there are other factors that lead to nail fungus and it is when dirt is trapped underneath the nail without even wearing any artificial nails. It is always important that our hands are clean and dirt-free. We use our hands throughout the day from eating to cooking to cleaning. Therefore it is important that we follow some safety precautions;

  • Wash our hands regularly with soap and water; This will help reduce any oil and particle buildups underneath the nails. 
  • Use lukewarm water when washing our hands; This involves not too hold or cold water to clean the hands.
  • Frequently use cuticle sticks to remove dirt under the nails; This is a manual way to remove dirt under the fingernails. 
  • Use a washcloth to remove any hard-to-reach spots; After using your washcloth, it is always important to clean before usage again. 

Oil Divine Nail Fungus Treatment

There are so many medicated treatments as well as home remedies for nail fungus. However, let me introduce you to Oil Divine Nail Fungus Treatment, the most natural and powerful formula, infused with only organic oils. This treatment is known to cure any type of nail fungus making your nails feel fresh and back to its normal state. It has potent actives other plants are working together to restore the natural and healthy color of your nails.It contains products such as Castor Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Clove Bud Essential Oil, Cassia Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Black Pepper, and proprietary blend of other essential oils.

This nail fungus oil is 100% recommended by all our customers because not only does it satisfy their expectations but also exceeds it. This product is easy to use; just apply the solution to the affected area daily and also practice patience. Your nails are not expected to grow overnight but with frequent use of this product while also ensuring that your nails are dirt-free, you should see results within weeks of usage. For more information about the product, please visit;

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