Ways to Cure Acne

We aim to educate our consumers on acne - causes, prevention, treatments, its impact on mental health, as well as what oils are best for acne-prone skin. Prevention and Treatments 

There are many underlying causes of acne, whether hormones, stress, or poor diet. The first step would be to remove acne-causing foods from your daily diet, addressing the hormonal imbalance. With those areas addressed, one can focus on what they can do externally to prevent and reduce breakouts. 

Exfoliate Regularly 

A gentle exfoliator will reduce the build-up of dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil to keep the pores clear.

Our Bd serum is an enzyme exfoliator that leaves skin fresh and glowing. Its anti-oxidizing properties will also reduce redness and inflammation without the harsh scrubbing required from manual exfoliators.

natural enzyme exfoliator, which will also cleanse away excess oil. anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties to treat and heal inflamed skin.

Cleanse Thoroughly 

Acne caused by excess oil or dirt is easier to prevent and treat than acne caused by internal stresses.

Bk serum contains ellagic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that flushes out toxins to help clear pimple-causing bacteria from the skin.

Bf serum interrupts keratinization (the process that creates a barrier that holds dead skin cells together) to reduce further the oil buildup that leads to acne.

Eliminate Toxins from Beauty Routine 

Acne is often the result of skin irritation by harsh chemicals applied to the skin topically. Even if a label states that a product is suitable for sensitive skin, or ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, it will likely contain activating and stabilizing ingredients that may cause a reaction in delicate skin.

Regardless of the ingredients, traditionally creamy moisturizers can also block pores leading to further breakouts.

All Biologi serums are 100% plant extract.

They’re 100% active, so they don’t require any synthetic ingredients to make them work. A unique airless pump container means they don’t become exposed to air, eliminating the need for chemical stabilizers. The water-based consistency also reduces the likelihood of pore blockages resulting in acne.

The only genuine cure for acne is to address internal imbalances, and anyone that tells you otherwise isn’t speaking the truth.  Addressing internal causes combined with regular use of Biologi serums will reduce inflammation and redness, clear pores, and gently sweep away excess oil to reduce the incidences of acne.

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