Acne Awareness Month

Acne Awareness Month

Acne can be a challenging part of our lives, often affecting our self-esteem and making it difficult to find the right skincare products. Many products in the market may not be suitable for acne-prone skin, leading to more breakouts or providing little to no help. Maintaining a routine for acne-prone skin can be demanding, but it's important to remember that having acne is normal and part of many people's lives. Embracing skin positivity and normalizing acne can help us navigate through these periods with confidence.

Understanding Acne and Embracing Positivity

Acne is a common skin condition that affects people of all ages. It can be triggered by various factors, including hormonal changes, stress, diet, and the use of certain skincare products. While it can be frustrating to deal with, it’s essential to recognize that acne is a natural part of life for many people. Embracing acne positivity means accepting that it’s okay to have blemishes and understanding that clear skin doesn’t define your beauty or worth. However we are aware and very understanding that most of the people feel very insecure having this skin condition. And that's where we come to help with.

Building Your Acne-Prone Skin Routine

Creating an effective skincare routine for acne-prone skin involves using gentle, natural, and organic ingredients that help reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and support overall skin health. Here’s a simple but very affective guide to help you build your routine:

1. Always Wash Your Face in the Morning with Cold Water!

Starting your day with a splash of cold water can help reduce puffiness and tighten your skin. It also prepares your skin for the day ahead without stripping away its natural oils.

2. Cleanse Your Skin with Natural Ingredients

Choose a cleanser that contains natural ingredients known for their acne-fighting properties. Charcoal and clay are excellent for drawing out impurities, while lavender and peppermint can soothe inflammation. Here are two great options:

Sauna Soap: Black Lava Salt and Australian Eucalyptus

Hand Milled Soap: Charcoal & Peppermint with French Green Clay

3. Use Lightweight Moisturizers

Instead of heavy creams, opt for facial oils that hydrate your skin while fighting inflammation. The Acne-Prone Skin Oil is an excellent choice. It moisturizes, fights bacteria, and its 5ml roller is made from green jade crystal, providing a soothing effect and a gentle massage for your skin in the morning. Packed with the most amazing organic oils such as Sacha Inchi Oil, Grape Fruit Oil, Chamomile Oil, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and more, all known to fight inflammation and help acne-prone skin fight breakouts. Find it in 30ml glass bottle as well for a long-term full size product. 

4. Take Vitamins and Supplements

Supporting your skin from within is crucial for managing acne. Vitamins and supplements can help fight bacteria and inflammation in your gut, which can significantly impact your skin. We recommend the Acne Be Gone Supplements by Balance Blends, which include natural herbs like Oldenlandia, Violet, Gardenia Seed, Red Peony Root, Bupleurum, Forsythia Fruit, Rehmannia Root, Skullcap Root, and Moutan Root Bark.

5. Refresh Your Skin in the Evening

In the evening, cleanse your face again using one of the soaps mentioned earlier to remove all your skin's impurities of the long day. Follow this with a clay mask. Green clay helps balance your skin's pH, reduces breakouts, and provides a smoother complexion. Our favorite is the Kaolin or French Green Clay. Try the Clay Mask: Balancing Green Clay with Spirulina & Rosemary by Dook Spa.

6. End the Night with a Hydrating Massage

Finish your day by applying the Acne-Prone Skin Oil once more. Give your skin a gentle massage to enhance blood circulation and allow the oil to deeply hydrate and heal your skin overnight. Follow our Instagram Account for Face Yoga Tutorials. Your skin will be fighting wrinkles & fine lines from the massage, making it look more refreshed, glowing & healthy, while also benefiting from the amazing Acne-Prone Skin Oil to fight your bacteria that cause breakout & acne. 

Additional Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

- Avoid Tanning Beds: They can damage your skin and worsen acne.
- Massage Your Skin: Regular massages can improve blood circulation and skin health.
- Dry Brushing: This helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage.
- Use Organic Body Oils: Oils like jasmine, rose, and castor oil can nourish your skin without clogging pores.
- Gua Sha: This traditional Chinese tool can help to lift and tone your skin.
- Wear SPF: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays to prevent further damage.
- Detoxify: Drink plenty of water and herbal infusions to flush out toxins.
- Lip Care: Use lip exfoliators and oils to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.
- Avoid Heavy Moisturizers: Opt for lightweight face oils instead.

Consistency is key in any skincare routine. Stick with this regimen for 1-3 months, and you should start noticing significant improvements in your skin within the first few weeks.

Acne Awareness Month is a great time to embrace and normalize acne-prone skin. Building an effective skincare routine with natural and organic ingredients can help manage breakouts and improve overall skin health. Remember, having acne is normal, and with the right care, you can achieve a glowing, healthy complexion.


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